Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Becoming An Epidemic

You’ll be shocked to know that different types of chronic diseases are being diagnosed at a staggering rate over the past decade.   The worst thing to know is that most of these chronic illnesses, which are affecting people, are completely avoidable.   The chronic infections, of which we are talking about here occur because Continue reading

Chelation Therapy – A Safe Treatment To Remove Heavy Metals

Due to various types of pollutions in our modern world, toxic and dangerous metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury, has become part of our environment. Almost everyone living in the modern world, routinely inhale them in the form of contaminated air, eat them through processed food, or even put them on our skin Continue reading

How Dehydration And Chronic Fatigue Are Connected?

When we have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), it is quite common for us to develop the problem of dehydration. The natural thirst reflex of our body might get affected because of dehydration. Numerous people who experience the ill effects of CFS become dehydrated and aren’t even aware about it.   Our bodies are made up Continue reading

How to protect yourself from Lyme disease this summer

Returning to the glory of nature after months of hibernation during the winter chill is an exhilarating annual rite. Exercising your legs on a brisk bush-walk, you might spy a vantage point with a panoramic view of the ocean that would be perfect for a Facebook post. But the high brush and grass you have Continue reading

How Adrenal Fatigue Can Ruin Your Life

Is it true that you feel tired and drained constantly? Feel drowsy in the day yet find it difficult to sleep in the evening? Are you so stressed that you even fail to think properly? Cranky, depressed, wiped out constantly? Suffer from chronic pain, dizziness and weakness of muscles?   If your answer is yes, Continue reading

3 Rules To Follow In Every Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

You may have heard a lot about Bio-Identical Hormones in recent years. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is used to resolve hormonal imbalance symptoms or a decrease in hormone production connected to ageing. Have a look at 3 rules that need to be followed in Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Rule #1 – Provide Hormones To Continue reading

5 Benefits Of Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is a medical procedure in which a solution known as EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is infused into the bloodstream of a patient to get rid of harmful heavy metals from the body.   The meaning of Chelation is ‘to grab’ or ‘bind’, and EDTA injected into the body grabs harmful heavy metals like lead, Continue reading

Why Can’t I Sleep, Even After Being So Tired?

Trouble in sleep is something you won’t expect after spending a whole day doing work at home or office. But, majority of people who are suffering from adrenal fatigue often complain about having disturbed sleep. Most patients also report that they remember waking at different times of the night.   The unsettling influences in sleep Continue reading

How To Keep You And Your Family Tick Free?

Whenever we talk about Lyme disease, one proverb often comes into our mind “Prevention is better than cure.” We all know that there are some ticks that can spread diseases. It’s true that not all ticks can cause illness and not all tick-bites can make you ill. However, in recent years diseases caused by tick-bites Continue reading

Does Adrenal Fatigue Strikes Again?

Any Adrenal fatigue patient can tell you the negative effects this illness has on the body, like weaker immunity, interrupted sleeping patterns, reduced energy levels, and decline in ability to think. Majority of patients only realise the level of their illness only after getting out of it. Now, one question that troubles them the most Continue reading