3 Rules To Follow In Every Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

You may have heard a lot about Bio-Identical Hormones in recent years. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is used to resolve hormonal imbalance symptoms or a decrease in hormone production connected to ageing.

Have a look at 3 rules that need to be followed in Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

  • Rule #1 – Provide Hormones To Patients Who Really Need Them

The main rule is basic, but should be followed by health experts. Generally insulin isn’t given to person until he/she really needs it. The same goes for thyroid, cortisol and almost every other hormone. However, a few inexperienced physicians often provide estrogen or other sex hormones without even conducting any test on patients to determine hormone deficiency.


How can one decide whether there’s really deficiency of estrogen in the body? Remember, there’s plenty of estrogen in any female who is still having her monthly periods. On the other hand, some clear indications of estrogen deficiency are vaginal dryness and vaginal mucosal atrophy. Recent studies have discovered that levels of hormone vary between people. The studies have also shown that the level considered normal for one person is not necessarily normal for another.

Apart from this, you might already know that hormones operate inside a complex system of other hormones and metabolic mediators. To determine level of hormones, the physician should not only consider its highest level, but its relative proportions with different hormones that incorporate estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid.

  • Rule #2 – Bio-Identical Hormones Should Be Preferred Instead Of Synthetic Hormones

This rule should be followed by every health practitioner. Hormone bonding is required that have unique receptors in the cells for steroid hormones to target tissue cells. Molecular configuration determines the bonding of a hormone to its receptor. Molecular configuration of synthetic hormone molecules and molecules of various species is different from endogenous hormones, which are produced in the body. Various studies have shown that activities of substitute synthetic hormones are different at the receptor level.

In some situations, the receptor will be activated just like the natural hormone, but in most cases the receptor will get blocked completely and synthetic hormone fails to have any effect on it. This is the reason why hormones other than bio-identical will fail to offer physiologic activity that’s similar to the hormones they’re meant to replace. It will provoke undesirable side effects that aren’t found with the natural hormone.

  • Rule #3 – Utilize Only In Dosages That Offer Normal Physiologic Tissue Levels

This rule is a bit hard to understand, so consult Bio-identical hormones doctor for more help. We all know that normal physiologic levels are restored by hormone supplements dosages. However, one question arises here “how normal physiologic levels can be defined?” Saliva testing can be the right answer! This is because when hormone supplementation is provided the change in saliva hormone levels becomes quite easy to measure.

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