6 Foods Items That May Assist In Heavy Metal Chelation

Have you recently heard about heavy metals that cause negative impacts on human, and this has made you really worried about your health? Let’s discuss the negative effects of heavy metals in our body.

Heavy metals are known to inflict on critical harm to the body. Metals like arsenic were widely used in older times as ‘an instrument of murder’ and a weapon of war. Still in today’s times, the vast majority of people are exposed to these metals are through the atmosphere, vaccines, water and food. Although, it may sound scary, but there’s no need to get scared as there are some natural ways and a medical way to chelate heavy metals from your body.

If these heavy metals are present in high amounts in our bodies, then they can cause a wide range of symptoms such as vomiting, excessive sweating, nausea, extreme headache and sometimes even death. The toxicity caused by lead and mercury, even in small amounts can have bigger adverse effects. In either case, it’s important to remove these harmful metals from the body.

Expulsion of heavy metals from the body through a medical procedure is known as chelation therapy. This word originates from the Greek word which means ‘claw’ and it was utilised by early experts because they saw substances which they thought grasped the metals and helped them out through the digestive system. The term has become popular and was used widely by health practitioners.

Luckily, there are food items available which have natural chelation properties. In instances of small exposure, there’s no need to go for highly expensive food products or supplements as there are cheaper options also available. Here are some natural metal chelating agents.

  1. Amino Acids

Amino acids are incredible choices for expelling toxic metals from the body, an easy choice for non-vegetarians. These proteins are found in abundance in eggs and fish, in addition to other things, and these can help to enhance health of your liver and adjust enzyme generation.

  1. Cilantro

Cilantro is an amazing herb that can successfully evacuate toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and specifically aluminium within just 2 weeks. Additionally, on the grounds that these metals can damage the immune system, cilantro is known for boosting immune system also.

  1. Food-Grade Activated Charcoal

Some expert doctors around the globe ask their patients to utilise food-grade activated charcoal for general detoxifying, which incorporates detoxification from heavy metals. To start the process of detoxifying, some doctors suggest amount of 20 grams every day, divided between 2 to 4 doses, for 12 days. I incline toward taking a storing tablespoon once in the morning, admirably before breakfast for general detoxification. For general detoxification, you can take a tablespoon once in the morning.

  1. Brazil Nuts

Not really a food item for chelation, but Brazil nuts really work to re-establish the essential minerals, such as zinc and selenium, which might be removed during the chelation procedure.

Foods Items That May Assist In Heavy Metal Chelation

  1. Garlic And Onions

The sulphur present in garlic and onions can assist in the removal of heavy metals. Apart from these, food items such as eggs, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts are also high in sulphur content.

  1. Chlorella

Often called as the super food, chlorella can act as a mild chelation-partner. It is available as a supplement or as a powder that can be added into different dishes.

Ensure that you consult your doctor before consuming heavy doses of any of these food items.

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