7 Tips to Stop a Recurrence of Chronic Fatigue

Patients who are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will be aware with the frustrating recurrence in its cycle. One moment the patient feels fine, and the following minute he/she gets overwhelmed with a significant exhaustion and other CFS symptoms that damage their capacity to react. However, with proper care and treatment, you can avoid relapses/recurrence of CFS.


Let’s take a look at some top tips that will help you to prevent recurrence of chronic fatigue symptoms.


  • Stay away from overexertion


Staying too much active when you feel well is one of the most common reasons why there’s a recurrence of CFS. Remember that no matter how fit & healthy you may feel, still you’re suffering from an illness that may cause damage to your health, if you exhaust yourself beyond your personal energy levels.


  • Get Enough Sleep


Patients suffering from CFS have stated that they find a good night’s sleep can prove to be amazing natural energy boosters available. By taking scheduled rest breaks during the day, you can reduce the chances of a relapse.


  • Eliminate Stress


Stress can prove to be a drainer of your energy levels, especially for people suffering from CFS. Everyday problems such as financial matters, family conflicts, and work issues can cause stress, which makes CFS even worse and may cause a recurrence.


  • Know Your Physical & Emotional Limits


Keep a journal and utilise it to recognise areas of your life that tend to trigger recurrences. Focus on the amount of rest you get, events that cause stress, the amount of activity you can endure every day, and other possible aspects.


  • Make A Logical schedule


You can add speed in your life by maintaining up a fixed number of daily tasks and activities that you can perform without CFS Recurrence. Plan rest/sleep periods in the middle of these actions to fill in as an energy booster. Making and following a daily routine can decrease your anxiety levels by providing you a specific amount of arranged consistency.


  • Boost your Energy With Healthy Diet


Eating healthy meals by making excellent food choices can prove to be a strong energy booster. Reduced saturated fats, limited usage of sugars and processed foods can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate extremely. Eat lots of whole grains, green vegetables, meat and fish, and low-fat dairy products.


  • Exercise


An excess of exercise can prove damaging for a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient, setting off a huge recurrence. However, properly managed exercise or physical therapy can be a genuine energy booster. Work with your specialist or a physical trainer to develop an exercise plan that’s good for your health.


With help of these tips, you can control chronic fatigue symptoms and reduce the depth and length of a CFS recurrence.

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