8 Ways That Can Really Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

A recently published study confirmed that individuals can lessen the risk of getting a stroke by introducing changes in their lifestyles. The study also found that risk factors (flexible) are behind more than 75% of stroke risk.


Let’s take a look at the top 8 ways that can help you to cut down the danger of stroke by almost 80%.


  1. Blood Pressure Needs To Be Controlled


Although there are many medicines prescribed by doctors to control high blood pressure (hypertension), a person can make several lifestyle changes to maintain his or her blood pressure. Taking a balanced diet prescribed by a nutritionist, and keeping away from salt can work wonders for your BP problem.


  1. Quit Smoking & Quit Alcohol


Smoking not just builds danger of a stroke, but it is calculated that smoking can reduce 10 years from an individual’s lifespan. Look for new tips, make strategies, and listen to stories and get support from individuals who have effectively stopped smoking can be helpful. Alcohol is another bane for the human body and you need to completely stop alcohol consumption to get a healthy life.


  1. Get In Shape, Especially Around Abdomen Area


You may be astonished to know that how easy it is to include simple weight reduction techniques into your life. Apart from losing excess weight, your overall health will also get better, especially your heart. By eating adequate amount of food, you’ll also be able to enjoy meals greatly.


  1. Control Your Diabetes


Individuals suffering from diabetes are at a higher danger of getting a stroke compared to people who aren’t suffering from diabetes. The risk increases greatly if the patient’s diabetes isn’t controlled properly. So, you need to control your body’s glucose level to stay away from the risks of a stroke.


  1. Be More Active


People are aware that exercise is healthy for them, but many people just don’t care about it. It’s human nature to avoid something, which they don’t like. So, what’s the solution? Instead of making excuses for not exercising, you need to start by focusing on your goals, and think how your life and health is getting affected due to lack of exercising.


  1. Have A Healthy Diet


There are numerous assessments about what precisely makes a good and healthy diet. Many people often give the planning as they fail to figure out the ideal diet for them. However, finalising a healthy diet plan is not difficult at all. Just don’t forget to include green leafy vegetables, eggs, pulses, fish, and right amount of meat in your diet.


  1. Chelation Therapy


Chelation Therapy was initially used to treat patients suffering from lead poisoning or other harmful elements by using intravenous EDTA. However, many doctors are also using Chelation therapy as an alternate treatment for many cardiovascular diseases. Doctor consultation is advised before you choose Chelation Therapy.


  1. Stay Away From Stress & Depression


We realise that we feel more terrible when we are stressed or depressed, however it has been proven by many studies and experts that stress impacts the occurrence of negative health occasions, such as stroke. Stress, anxiety and depression have major negative impacts on the human body, so you need to stay away from them.


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