Always Feeling Tired? Check These 10 Medical Conditions That Cause Fatigue

Any genuine sickness, particularly the ones that inflict lots of pain, can make you feel always tired. However, there are some minor sicknesses that will make you feel drained out most of the time you’re awake.


Have a look at these 10 illnesses that are known to cause fatigue.


  1. Anaemia/Iron Deficiency


A standout amongst the most widely recognised explanations behind always feeling tired is anaemia, commonly known as iron deficiency. It influences around 1 in 20 men and women, however might be significantly more common in females who are having periods. You’ll feel you can’t do anything, your muscles will feel heavy, and you’ll get drained easily.


  1. Coeliac Infection


It is a type of food intolerance, in which the human body responds negatively when an individual consumes gluten – a material found in cereals, bread and cakes.


  1. Sleep Apnoea


Sleep apnoea is a condition where your throat contracts or closes while you’re sleeping and over and over interferes with your breathing. This leads to awful snoring and a decrease in the levels of oxygen in your blood. The trouble in breathing implies that you wake up many times in the night and feel tired the next morning. Drinking alcohol aggravates it.


  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as CFS is an extreme and disabling tiredness or fatigue that continues for no less than 6 months. There are generally other signs and symptoms as well, for example, headache, joint or muscle pain, and a sore throat. Read more about chronic fatigue syndrome.


  1. Diabetes


One of the fundamental side effects of diabetes is feeling extremely tired. The other major symptoms are feeling exceptionally thirsty, weight loss and going to the toilet a lot.


  1. Underactive Thyroid


An underactive thyroid organ implies a patient has minimal thyroid hormone (thyroxine) in his/her body, which ultimately makes him/her feel tired.


  1. Glandular Fever


It is a common viral disease that results in fatigue, exhaustion, sore throat, fever and swollen glands. Weakness and fatigue can linger for many months.


  1. Restless Legs


In this condition patients get uncomfortable sensations in their legs, which keep them awake at night. This results in disrupted sleep, so you’ll feel extremely drained out during the next day.


  1. Anxiety/Nervousness


Feeling restless and anxious is in some cases quite normal. However, a few people have steady & constant uncontrollable feelings of nervousness and anxiety, which has severe adverse affects on their health & stamina.


  1. Depression


Apart from making you feel exceptionally miserable, depression can also make you feel depleted of vitality and energy. Depression affects your sleep and makes you wake up early in the morning, which results in making you feel more drained and tired during the day.



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