Does Adrenal Fatigue Strikes Again?

Any Adrenal fatigue patient can tell you the negative effects this illness has on the body, like weaker immunity, interrupted sleeping patterns, reduced energy levels, and decline in ability to think. Majority of patients only realise the level of their illness only after getting out of it. Now, one question that troubles them the most is – can adrenal fatigue strike back again?


The correct response to this question will be – Yes, it can. However, it shouldn’t. For instance, just like your finger recovers from an injury if proper treatment and care is given. But, it doesn’t mean that the finger can’t get hurt again. In short, you need to be extra careful, even after recovering from your illness.



It is the same with adrenal fatigue. When bacterial dysbiosis is behind the problem when it stroked first, then it would be wrong to consume numerous courses of antibiotics, while drinking high amount of sugary drinks. Similarly, if extreme and regular stress brought the issue initially, then it would be a debacle if you’re still following a late night schedule, less sleep, and the multiple coffees everyday approach.


We need to understand that adrenal problems don’t emerge suddenly. If the attack is activated by primary adrenal dysfunction, then this can just happen only after a period extreme loading, which alters the physiological structure. Stress is known to actually increase the size of the adrenals, alter the levels of enzymes and decreases cholesterol stores at the organ.


If the main cause is a chronic infection that disturbs the axis of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal, then it can be measured through cytokine essay. We can say that there is nothing random when it’s about the occurrence of adrenal exhaustion.


From a physiological point of view, a person who was affected by adrenal fatigue, and then successfully restored health is no more or no less likely to get affected from this illness than anyone else. However, a person who got affected from chronic adrenal fatigue, and then recovered eventually won’t make a mistake to live a lifestyle that damaged the health of his/her adrenal glands.


Recovery period allows the person to do retrospect of his/her lifestyle and the patient develops a healthier lifestyle that keeps adrenal exhaustion at bay. They appreciate their life more and stay happy with whatever life offers them.


Adrenal fatigue expert Dr Dobie advises that patients should avoid extreme lifestyle, which damages health and cause adrenal imbalance. Whether speaking about a person who has always felt good or someone who has suffered from adrenal problems previously, the same advice goes for all. Nourish the adrenals and avoid any triggers that might get them into an imbalanced state.





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