Feeling Stressed & Tired All The Time? You Can Be Suffering From Adrenal Fatigue

The signs of Adrenal fatigue may vary from patient to patient. This is a major reason why people fail to identify that they’re suffering from adrenal fatigue and not normal stress or extreme tiredness. They think that the physical tiredness has occurred due to heavy work, but sometimes they’re suffering from adrenal fatigue which becomes chronic with time.

No doubt that we Homo-sapiens become tired because of hard work and labour. Humans have the ability to cope with the exhaustion after a few hours of rest period. People tend to get tired and stressed when they do extra work out of their normal routine. Those who keep on doing excessive work even when their body signals extreme fatigue, then at that moment the adrenal fatigue starts developing in the body.

If Adrenal fatigue is not treated effectively and with proper care then it can last for a very long period of time. If proper treatment is not provided then this condition can grow into a type of stress that causes depression, anxiety and adverse affects on the immune system. The risk that a person will get affected from various infections and diseases increases manifolds when the immune system becomes weaker.

Here are some signs which will help you to differentiate between normal fatigue and adrenal fatigue. Have a look.

  • Always Feeling tired: It can be termed as the major difference between normal fatigue and adrenal fatigue. If not treated, severe chronic or adrenal fatigue may last for weeks in a person and the time might even increase to months or even years. There’s a notable drop in the energy level of a body suffering from chronic fatigue. The energy level drops down so much that the patients will find difficult to even get out of their bed to perform daily tasks.
  • Weaker Immune System: Normal fatigue, which appears due to daily work, usually has no adverse affects on the immune system. But, adrenal fatigue affects the immune system negatively to a great extent, making a patient prone to infections and diseases.
  • Problem To focus On Work: Some scientists have found out that a very low level of stress can help people to perform better at the workplace. But, adrenal fatigue has no such effects; in fact, it gives severe anxiety and even panic attacks to its patients.
  • Loss In Interest: You’ll lose interest in things you used to love before, if you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue.
  • Low libido Level: Intercourse is a stress reliever that helps to eliminate mild stress and provides freshness to the body. In people suffering from adrenal or severe chronic fatigue, the sex-drive or libido becomes too low. They will think about intercourse as a burden, losing the passion and energy to perform intercourse with their partners.


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