Gifts for loved ones with chronic illnesses

Gift Ideas for Loved Ones With Chronic Pain or Illness

It might seem unusual that there is a distinction between buying gifts for a friend, partner or family member with chronic pain and buying for a friend, partner or family member who doesn’t experience chronic pain. But the reality for people with chronic pain or debilitating and chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, is that they spend a lot more time resting and recuperating than the rest of us.

Gifts for someone with chronic illness don’t need to be slippers, sleep wear or bathrobes, you can be far more imaginative than that. A good place to start would be to think about what you would appreciate if you faced an extended period of rest and recuperation. 

For instance, people with chronic fatigue syndrome would love a recliner pillow that provides the same level of comfort as they would get lying down but at least they could sit up and read their book, kindle or enjoy their netflix, stan or other subscription – books, kindles and pay tv subscriptions are perfect gifts for people with chronic pain or illness.

Another is some soothing lotions for a bit of pampering. Ask any chronic fatigue doctor in Sydney and they will tell you that one of the big challenges in the treatment process is helping people with chronic pain or illness to overcome their feelings of frustration. Treatments of self care are very important.

Recovery and rest means that everything needs to move slowly and gently. What better than a slow cooker for daily meals. Preps can be done early when the sufferer has more energy and the cooking occurs during periods of energy depletion. It will vary from person to person to person but at some point some gentle exercise will need to be included in the healing process. What better than a yoga mat and an instruction book or video (if attending formal classes is temporarily out of the question)?

If you put your mind to it, the possibilities are unlimited. Speakers for meditation and other podcasts; a bath caddy; heating pad – how about a foot spa machine. Help for chronic fatigue sufferers can come in many forms. 

Dr Peter Dobie specialises in the treatment of chronic pain and illness. Dr Peter Dobie has a particular interest in complex and chronic illness, integrative medicine, allergy, chronic fatigue, anti-ageing medicine, nutritional medicine and mould illness (CIRS). For a refreshing and holistic treatment program for any of the illnesses we have described contact Dr Peter Dobie today and schedule an appointment.

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