geeting good night sleep despite having fibromyalgia

How can I sleep better with fibromyalgia?

Research by the National Sleep Foundation in the US found that people in good health get a better night’s sleep that people in fair or poor health. The research also found that pain was a contributing factor in sleep quality. People who experienced pain had on average 30 minutes less sleep than people who didn’t experience pain. The research also found that the quality of sleep was higher for people who were in good health. 

These statistics are of particular interest to anybody who experiences chronic pain. People who live with fibromyalgia could attest to the effect that pain has on sleep quality. Of the people who responded that experienced chronic pain only 37% said that their sleep wasn’t affected. 

So if you suffer from fibromyalgia and are currently being treated, it will be helpful to develop some techniques to improve your quality of sleep. If you are working despite having fibromyalgia, the quality of your sleep will be all the more important to you. Here are some of the best ways to sleep with fibromyalgia.

Stay cool at night

About 18 degrees is the ideal temperature for sleep. If the temperature is too hot or too cold then that will contribute to your sleep quality. You don’t want to be getting a chill or experiencing night sweats. Bed clothing is important. You should look to be sleeping on natural materials like breathable cotton. They regulate the temperature and are less inclined to retain moisture.

Mattress and pillow quality are also contributors to good sleep. If you find either uncomfortable or ageing, you should consider replacing them for something far more comfortable.


Because light is such a contributing factor to sleep quality, black out blinds are the ideal solution for people who experience fibromyalgia. Production of the sleep inducing hormone melatonin, is considerably interrupted by artificial light coming from your television, computer, alarm clock or smartphone. Computers and smartphones in particular, should be silenced and placed in a drawer so they don’t light up whenever you get a message. The same applies to alarm clocks. Cover them until they are needed in the morning. 


There are some solutions to noise in the night, even noise that you can’t reduce like traffic, trains or planes. You can purchase a white noise machine. White noise machines replicate monotonous noises that distract from external noises and help you to sleep. 

Essential oils

There may be a number of oils and natural scents that could contribute to sleep quality. The best known is fresh lavender or an essential oil derivative of lavender. Lavender decreases the heart rate and blood rpressure to induce a greater level of relaxation and comfort.
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