Nutritional medicine in Sydney

Know More About Nutritional Medicine in Sydney

Nutritional Medicine aims to focus on the practice of prevention before cure. With the types of foods available in the world, it’s easy to lose track of what foods we are meant to be eating to provide our bodies with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to function well and stay healthy. 

As all humans are unique in terms of biochemistry, metabolism, anatomy, genetics and more, specialised Nutritional Medicine diets and protocols can be made for patients, by analysing their specific, individual needs based on these unique qualities, as well as environmental and personal considerations. 

Each human regardless of uniqueness can only work to the best of its ability if it has the elements we are meant to get from food, water and the air. Often referred to as the ‘basic building blocks’, they include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Oxygen
  • Helpful microbes

For those who have less building blocks than they should, your body will:

  • Struggle to make the molecules it needs, which means
  • Chemical reactions cannot function properly, which means
  • Body and brain can’t function properly, which means
  • You feel sick, tired or unusually angry/anxious/depressed

Basically you as a person cannot function properly, and living life to the fullest will become more challenging purely because of the building blocks you’re not providing for your body. Of course this is not the only reason for feeling like this, however it can be a major reason if you are experiencing such feelings.  

Taking a holistic approach to amending your health will ideally prevent some unforeseen incidents along your lifespan as well, as you will be making an effort to replenish the building blocks you are missing. Prevention can be so simple in some cases, and early correction now can save a lot of time, money and effort later in life, especially when you consider integrative health medicine benefits.

By eating the right foods, not only will you be keeping your body healthy. The aim of nutritional medicine is also to:

  • Help prevent the buildup of poor health
  • Amend and repair poor health
  • Optimise and increase effectiveness of a medical or pharmacological treatment for a health issue
  • Improve the quality of the body’s balance, ergo their health
  • Reduce the risk of forming bad health
  • Help encourage healthy ageing, with pregnancy, and all stages of life

Embarking on your journey with nutritional medicine comes with more than simply a new diet. The body is a complex system, and having an effective transition into a healthy diet and lifestyle requires multiple aspects.

You will be learning and gaining an understanding of the science of nutrition. Why it’s necessary for the body to need what it needs and how different foods can give this to the body.

You will learn and understand more about physiology, biochemistry and nutrition. While a plan can be made for you by a nutritional medicine doctor, it’s important to understand why certain behaviours and foods will benefit you more than others. From learning about these aspects, you could not only help yourself, but encourage others around you to change and also seek a healthier change.

You will gain an understanding of what the 11 major body systems are and how they are all interconnected to create whole body health. Learning about every system will help you grasp the greater picture, and identify causes easier.

Finally you will be able to interpret this knowledge into clear, simple and enjoyable eating and lifestyle plans for yourself, and potentially others.
If you want to take advantage of the benefits of nutritional medicine, consider Nutritional medicine treatment for chronic illness and more today. Your life is in your hands, and remember that prevention is the best medicine.

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