Mould Illness (CIRS)

Mould illness is an illness that some people develop after exposure to mould, such as in a water-damaged building. Mould illness is also known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

The concept of CIRS was developed by developed by US physician Dr Ritchie Shoemaker.

In genetically susceptible patients, mould biotoxins trigger an abnormal immune system response resulting in chronic inflammation.

Symptoms of CIRS can include fatigue, headaches, impaired memory and concentration, joint pain, cough, mood swings, visual disturbance and abdominal symptoms.

The symptoms of CIRS can overlap with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) and tick-borne diseases.

There is no specific diagnostic test for CIRS. The diagnosis of CIRS is made on the basis of the patient’s symptoms, history of mould exposure and a range of laboratory and other tests.

Dr Shoemaker has developed a 12-step protocol for the treatment of CIRS.

Patient suffering from CIRS often need to have a test known as an ERMI test to determine which moulds are present in their home or workplace.

Some patients need to have remediation to reduce the amount of mould in their home; such work should only be performed by a remediator with a knowledge of CIRS.

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