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Newly Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia? Here’s What You Need to do

People with fibromyalgia are perplexed by why they feel so lousy all the time and even more perplexed because many doctors are unable to diagnose or treat their illness.

If you have fibromyalgia you are not alone in feeling isolated in your illness and unable to share your discomfort because many in the medical profession seem unable to validate it. You’re not alone in thinking that it’s all in your head.

But it’s not. Fatigue, pain, sleepless nights and a decline in your cognitive function mask the illness and challenge a clear diagnosis. These coexisting conditions are actually symptoms of fibromyalgia but that’s not as widely recognised in the medical profession as it might be.

And when you are diagnosed, there seems to be so many symptoms that it is hard to know what to treat first. The pain that extends from chronic headaches and muscle pain to cramps and muscle stiffness and weakness all seem to be separate from the decline in your memory and concentration and the inefficiencies in your response to bodily functions, respiratory health and temperature moderation.

If you are newly diagnosed there is plenty that you can do:

Education is a great start. Learning how to moderate your activities to manage your illness is really important. A fibromyalgia doctor in Australia with local knowledge of treatment options is important. When you are newly diagnosed there are lots of questions such as: ‘How long does a fibromyalgia attack last?’

Medication is really important and you shouldn’t shy away from it if your trusted doctor can assure you that there are benefits.

Relaxation is great for everybody and really important for people who are living with fibromyalgia. Stress is definitely not helpful. Whatever your preferred form of relaxation happens to be, you should indulge it and maybe add some meditation or breathing exercises into the mix.

Moderation in all your tasks so they are reasonable and achievable and unlikely to compound the challenges that you are already dealing with. Taking it easy and not overdoing things is what helps with reducing fibromyalgia flare-ups.

Nutrition is like relaxation, it helps everything and is vital for people with fibromyalgia. Because your energy levels are so depleted it’s essential to maintain your weight and avoid any food intolerances that are associated with processed foods and foods that are high in sugar and fat content.

Consultation with a doctor who understands fibromyalgia and the challenges that you face every day is vital.

Dr Peter Dobie is a general practitioner with a special interest and expertise in the treatment of chronic and complex illnesses, especially fibromyalgia. Dr Peter Dobie’s holistic approach to treatment includes medication, nutrients, stress reducing activities, acupuncture where helpful and herbal treatments.

Dr Dobie has clinics in Pymble and Bondi Junction. Contact Dr Peter Dobie to discuss your fibromyalgia treatment options, ongoing treatment or a diagnosis.

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