The Importance of Locating Your Fibromyalgia Pain Points

Fibromyalgia is unlike any other chronic illness and the pain is incomparable to any other type of chronic pain. Sufferers of fibromyalgia experience extremely tender points that manifest in deep muscle pain, chronic headaches and what feels like never-ending back and neck pain.

Pain is the uncomfortable feeling that you get when you know that something is wrong with your body. Most of us experience pain in the short term and you become so concerned by it that you seek relief. If that doesn’t work fairly promptly then you consult a doctor to find out the cause.

In most instances, if you’re fortunate, the cause is readily identifiable and easy to alleviate and hopefully eliminate. Sometimes the problems are serious but even if it is serious you at least understand the cause and you are able to seek relief.

With fibromyalgia, pain is the disease. That’s the difference between most illnesses or diseases and fibromyalgia. If pain is the disease and there are so many different fibromyalgia pain locations, it is very difficult to identify suitable fibromyalgia pain relief unless you have a doctor who takes a special interest and has a very specific knowledge of fibromyalgia and its symptoms.

If you were to ask a sufferer of fibromyalgia to identify where their pain is located, they might say that it hurts all over their bodies. And even though the pian does manifest in a variety of locations, doctors treating fibromyalgia are able to be far more specific in their diagnosis.

The fibromyalgia pressure points are located at nine different points on each side of the body for a total of 18 different pressure points.

They are at the knees; collar bone; lower back; the base of the skull; shoulder blades; hips; elbows; buttocks and the front of the neck.

If you have pain in any of these areas then you might have fibromyalgia. If you have fibromyalgia and you have identified your pain pressure points and the source of your pain. That’s not to say that the pain isn’t manifesting elsewhere. Add a mental haziness or fog and fatigue to the list of other symptoms and you have a fairly comprehensive diagnosis.

The key to getting sound, fibromyalgia specific treatment is the right doctor. Dr Peter Dobie is a Sydney doctor with a special interest in the treatment of fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses.

Dr Peter Dobie takes a holistic approach to treating chronic illness, and fibromyalgia treatment in Sydney. As well as providing preventive medical care. Dr Dobie has clinics in Bondi and Pymble and he treats a variety of complex and chronic illnesses.

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