Natural source of Vitamin C

The Untapped Power of Our Favourite Vitamin

Vitamin C and Immunity

It is common in winter to be sent promptly to the nearest pharmacy by concerned family members when a sniffle turns nasty.  Many people espouse the virtues of Vitamin C and it has long been a recognized remedy for boosting the immune system. What most people don’t know however is that when taken at very high doses, intravenously the benefits of added Vitamin C increase dramatically.  Proponents of ‘mega-dosing’  of Vitamin C maintain treatments of this type have a lasting and significant effect on our wellbeing, much greater than the dosage size recommended for standard supplement treatments.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is in a class of supplement which the human body cannot synthesize.  Unlike Vitamin D, which our bodies convert using sunlight, Vitamin C needs to be ingested through foods found in our diets, in sufficient quantity to promote good health.  That said, studies have been conducted on the impacts of more or less of these required supplements and some of the results are cause to pause and reconsider the humble Multivitamin.

Megadosing of Vitamin C

Large doses of Vitamins are not generally encouraged unless under medical supervision.  They can create strain on the body where it is required to process higher than required amounts of some vitamins and minerals. If not monitored by a physician mega-dosing may make the person feel worse rather than better.  Some Doctors however have spent years in medical practice investigating natural remedies and their role in holistic health. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and when taken in very high doses (6 -10g plus) can have a profound effect on immune response and the bodys ability to return to statis. Studies have been conducted since the 1970’s which indicate there are multiple High dose Vitamin C benefits, when taken as a Vitamin C injection.  These include the high levels of Vitamin C administered intraveneously, can improve patient acuity, energy levels and emotional balance.

Where is Vitamin C Therapy available?

In searching for uncommon treatments for fatigue and chronic illness it is sometimes difficult to know where to find the right practicioner.  Natural remedies are often not the first response from your regular GP and it can be challenging to know which way to turn and where to find Vitamin C therapy in Sydney.  There are a number of specialists in the field, like Dr Peter Dobie, who throughout their esteemed career have developed a practice around alternate and complimentary natural therapies and the demonstrated benefits evidenced in their patients.

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