Why Can’t I Sleep, Even After Being So Tired?

Trouble in sleep is something you won’t expect after spending a whole day doing work at home or office. But, majority of people who are suffering from adrenal fatigue often complain about having disturbed sleep. Most patients also report that they remember waking at different times of the night.


The unsettling influences in sleep regularly connect with a need to urinate or high anxiety levels amid the previous day. Remember, good sleep is the foundation of healing, so you need to understand what should be done to deal with this problem.


You’ll be surprised to know that interaction of multiple neurotransmitters and hormones is involved, even in the simple act of falling asleep. Levels of cortisol are significantly disturbed in bodies of adrenal fatigue sufferers, which results in disturbances in the generation of both adrenaline and melatonin, thus it ends up in poor sleep.


The pineal gland in the brain releases the hormone melatonin, which causes multiple effects, and it takes us into a state of deep sleep. Its discharge is restrained by cortisol and by light. Subsequently, the release of melatonin is reduced remarkably by raised cortisol levels in the evening, and sometimes by your flickering Smartphone or television.


This pattern is frequently found in the second stage of adrenal exhaustion, which is also known as the resistance stage, where the generation of cortisol remains too high to adapt to distinguished demands. In this stage, the sleeping ability of patient is deeply affected.


When cortisol levels drop, then along with the all-encompassing fatigue, the so-called ‘Crash’ arrives. This is the beginning of third stage of adrenal fatigue, also known as complete exhaustion phase. Levels of cortisol simply fail to maintain blood glucose properly between meals or at night, which results in the release of adrenaline as compensation. The sleep quality also deteriorates completely.


This response is crucial to keep up the life and prevent hypoglycaemic unconsciousness. It additionally starts the supportive nervous system, which is the part of the nervous system that keeps us alert, wired and anxious. A solid indication of spikes in adrenaline level is waking at regular times during the night. However, it is important to identify the fact that the adrenaline is there to reimburse the lack of cortisol.


Therefore, support to levels of cortisol is more important than anything else to maintain a deep and restful sleep for the whole night. In this regard, vitamin C can be considered as the most crucial nutrient. Every person suffering from adrenal fatigue needs to find their best intake of the required nutrient as production of cortisol cannot happen if there’s a lack of ascorbic acid.


Apart from the proper management of cortisol levels, there are different ways that you can take to improve the chances of having a good sleep at night. Remember, even a small change like sleeping in the dark can make a big difference also. There’s no doubt that one of the most under-rated aspects of healing the adrenal glands and improving health is sleeping. Keep in mind that good healing does not occur without good sleep.

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