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Why You Should Try Integrative Medicine

What it is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is the term given to health care that treats the body in a holistic way. It includes remedies beyond those usually considered in traditional western medicine.  Modern medicine has made incredible leaps in the ways we understand the human body. Mainstream health care provides preventions and treatments that can increase the length and quality of our lives.  Western medicine is miraculous in many ways but even so, the tendency is still to treat the symptoms of a qualified illness rather than the root causes which is a far more complex and exploratory process .  This can be challenging, especially when feelings of being unwell are not easily categorized into distinct, common illnesses. People suffering from a range of symptoms may not be easy to diagnose. They can find themselves at the mercy of remedies that target some or most of their symptoms but do not ultimately heal them.  This is one of the many benefits of integrative medicine . Integrative medicine looks at the whole body and not just the symptoms. 

What does integrative medicine do:

While we know a great deal about the body through science and medicine, there is still a lot that we don’t understand.  Medicine is not exact or exhaustive science. That can often be down to a lack of resources. Doctors are not necessarily to blame in a system that has its problems. Doctors who offer alternative and integrative medicine realise that there are various factors affecting somebody’s health and there are often unusual or unpredictable symptoms.  Doctors of integrative medicine tend to offer treatments after a thorough investigation of a person’s background, history, lifestyle and symptoms. They look for signs of wellness beyond a sore throat or nebulous pain to treat the whole individual. Advocates of integrative medicine claim that in light of the whole person approach, integrative medicine can be less invasive and offer alternative and more gentle treatments. The use of the word integrative refers not only to the collective review of symptoms presented in each person but also the inclusion of alternative and mainstream modalities and treatments. 

Three reasons why integrative medicine…:

1. It focusses on the individual and tailoring health investigations and solutions specific to them.  Rather than taking an analytical approach to a collection of symptoms integrative medicine assesses your case in light of how it affects you and not just those physical symptoms presented. 

2. It focusses on mind, body and spirit.  Integrative medicine practitioners will not only investigate the symptoms of your illness but will work to understand the impact your symptoms are having on your feelings of wellbeing and how these might be further aiding or abetting your recovery.

3. Integrative medicine can include longer-term less-invasive treatments, focusses on the health of the individual rather than on the illness they have. For this reason, integrative medicine may include treatment from various disciplines utilised by your practitioner including herbal, physical and rehabilitation activities. 

Dr Peter Dobie provides comprehensive integrative medical consultation and can provide holistic solutions to less commonly understood ailments and conditions, where modern medicine may fail to recognise the impact of issues on each of us.

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